Birnbeck Photo Project 2017

The rub of it…

It has become kinda obvious to me that I visit Birnbeck, Weston-super-Mare quite often,  well it is handy for me, living only a mile or two from that part of the coast and I take many photographs while I am there. Not least the whole area fascinates me. In particular the historical Victorian built Birnbeck Pier. I have mixed emotions on this construction and, it has to be said, it’s continuing demise. After all the pier and island’s perilous state is a major factor in what makes the subject so intersting and photogenic, if only to my eyes; while I wish it could be preserved in some, preferably useful, form.

So, I’m commencing up this photo project – simply calling it ‘Birnbeck Photo Project 2017’. I will post Albums/photos on my website, plus anything else I feel might be relevant – as the project is about all of the Birnbeck area not just the pier itself – and continue to observe and attempt to record what happens to this truly unique and once dignified landmark and surrounding area.




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